Top 5 Wireless Room Thermostat 2017!

According to federal government law passed in 1991,homes had to be equipped with programmable thermostats so the homeowners could program their systems to turn off when they were away from home and ease the burden on the power grid. But that didn’t happen because the good wireless¬†thermostat didn’t exist. Currently many smart wireless thermostats have been manufactured by various companies.They are smart enough to make it super easy to set your schedule or even let the computer take over the process. W’ll take a look at the best wireless room thermostat for your room.

Top 5¬†Wireless Room ThermostatOur first choice is Ecobee3 smart thermostat. I’m going to be review possibly the best wireless thermostat solution for your room and it’s called the Ecobee3. This is the second generation version that I’m looking at today. The wireless thermostat comes with home kit compatibility which means you can control it with Siri voice via your iPhone, iPad and with your Apple watch. The Ecobee is one of the only few wireless thermostats that have this home kit compatibility. The Ecobee3 room thermostat also has support for your Amazon echo Samsung products. Here are some of the reasons I would choose Ecobee3 room thermostat over the rest of wireless thermostats. you get a simple but nice presentation with the Ecobee3 room thermostat.

The wireless thermostat comes with one remote sensor that you can put anywhere in your house. This is important because if you have a multi-story home with an open floor plan or know your upstairs is much much hotter than your downstairs, then you can put the sensor in any room like a nursery to make sure you are cooling or heating that room properly. My wireless thermostat is right in the hallway so the temperature of the rooms upstairs are totally off from what my thermostat is sensing. The remote sensor fixes this issue by sensing the right temperature and keeping my rooms perfectly cooled.

Review of Ecobee3 Sensors

These sensors also work for detection and motion to sense if your home or not and adjust your temperature to the different custom settings that you provided. This makes much more sense to me financially. If you go with something like the nest ecosystem you have to buy the nest protect smoke alarms as well. If you have to buy those for every room than it will cost a lot more.

What’s nice is that if you don’t have AC wire on your current thermostat up, you have the power extender here that’s included to help you install the ecobee without much hassle. You also get a stand for the remote module like you saw earlier also with mounting hardware and the larger bracket if you need to cover up existing holes after the install. You get some cool Ecobee3 stickers. If you know how to follow simple directions, you should have no problem installing this but keep in mind that Eobee does have pricing with professional installation on website. There’s plenty of tutorials on how to install the ecobee.

What I love about Ecobee3 wireless thermostat is that there’s a sensor on the unit to sense when you’re getting close and then automatically wakes it up to the wireless thermostat menu which is awesome. The design is nice and simple looks elegant on the wall. The Nest wireless thermostat is more compact and does have a metal build but I do prefer this larger display and UI. The touchscreen interface is really easy to use and the menus aren’t too tough to navigate. The screen is a little glossy though but the display is definitely bright enough. You won’t have any trouble seeing it if I had to nitpick, you do have to press a little harder on the touch screen to get it to register sometimes. You do get used to it over time and you can easily access the same menus on your computer simply by going on their website and signing in with your account or you can use your iPhone iPad or iPod touch with their app. I really like how you can see the local weather directly from the thermostat.

There are a lot of ways that the Ecobee3 can help you save money on your electricity bill with features such as free cooling. Let’s say if you have a cooler spring night then it’s smart enough to know to cool your internal home with just the cooler air outside without turning on your AC. It can use an average of all of your sensors to provide you with the most comfort. It keeps track of the temperature outside to determine how to heat and cool your home most efficiently. The Ecobee3 is pretty smart so if you want to learn more about it I will leave a link to Ecobee3 in the description below.


The interface is easy to use and changing the temperature and setting schedules is really easy to figure out. Your energy savings are shown to you by Home IQ which is free. This wireless thermostat is easy to install and it works with kinds of smart home platforms. Well within its competition I would give Ecobee. It’s also a great idea for a gift for Father’s Day or birthday or for any kind of dad that loves tech. I personally think this is a much better economical choice especially if you want sensors in all of your rooms and you want to make sure that those rooms are heated and cooled properly. I think these room remote sensors are definitely game-changing for the smart thermostat. Get Ecobee3 room thermostat and let me know about your experience.