Looking for a great thermostat to buy? There are many good thermostats that have the similar capabilities and functions of the NEST thermostat. The Nest thermostats have become very popular of the years. We have reviewed and compared all the great thermostats that are similar to NEST thermostats. Check out our Best NEST Thermostat Alternatives.

2017’s Best NEST Thermostat Alternatives.

best nest alternatives 2017One of the best alternatives of Nest thermostat is the Ecobee3. The Ecobee3 wireless room thermostat comes with remote temperature sensor that allows the user monitor temperature in different rooms in your house. The remote sensors are useful for getting the most suitable temperature all over your home instead of just the room that your wireless or programmable ther mostat is located in.

The Ecobee3 wireless thermostat detects motion and adjust the temperature accordingly in the rooms that have recently detected motion.

The touchscreen isn’t as elegant and nice as Nest, but it gets the job done!